Reasons to choose us for your headshot

With years of experience working for BBC television producing both studio stills and publicity photography for a wide range of television programs including photographing some of the most famous names in show business hopefully will assure you that your photographs will be taken by a tried and tested professional photographer.

The importance of a great headshot

A high quality headshot is the number one marketing tool for any actor who is serious about getting casting calls. A casting director has seconds to make a decision about you by looking at your headshot so it has got to be great. Not just technically, but it must also be an accurate, truthful image of you that projects character and capabilities as a performer.

This is not make over photography

No this is not a make over photo session which is designed to make some one look super glamorous and cool with images so over retouched that they look false and unreal. No the object of a great headshot is to create  the best  image that  will represent and effectively sell your brand and actually look like you.

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Headshot photography in Birmingham studio and on location

The essential equipment

By using the best quality equipment cameras, portrait lenses, studio lighting and numerous back ground screens. Combined with the skill and experience of a professional photographer all add up to create stunning images for you that captures the attention of casting directors giving you the maximum chances to get you auditions and roles.

The actors  headshot collection  £185.00

• One hour of photography time • Taking up to 300 images • Including half and full length shots. • up to 3 changes of clothing  • Full image editing • 6 images optimised, retouched, print ready, colour and black and white of your choice • A private secure web gallery to view all of your images with in 24 hours  • copyright image licence. • Optimised images ready for Spotlight, IMDB, etc. Inclusive price £185.00

How to book your photography

To book your headshot photography or for more details please call now on Tel 0797 4274896, or e-mail

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